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XL Access Controller Module not connecting


XL Access Controller Module not connecting

I've recently installed an XL Access Controller module in one of my 5300 switches.

Module has been configured with an IP address and pointed to my HP 740 Access Control Manager with the correct shared secret.

However the ACM never connects to the 740.

In the log on the 740 I have the following messages from the ACM's IP address.

received CLI status change 6 from for session 2
process_incoming_cli_cmd sess=2
received CLI status change 7 from for session 2

Firmware on the switch is 10.55
Firmware on the 740 is

Any ideas is greatly appreciated.
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Re: XL Access Controller Module not connecting

make sure that both firmwares on the ACS and AC are the same, the shared seret and the IP's.
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Re: XL Access Controller Module not connecting

I've heard that firmware cause many different both connection and operating problems. I experienced that XL module can suddenly hang and the clients drop connection. You need to reload XL module to make it work again. Sometimes it comes back and work for sometimes without problems. But sometimes the module after reboot can not connect to ACS. Resently it tool one and a half day before suddenly XL module managed to make a connection. I checked the ping accross the system and firewall. The ping is getting through but XL module still has "NO connected" in status.
I've been advised to downgrade the system to firmware which is more stabile than