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XRRP on 5308XL

Carl Morss
Occasional Advisor

XRRP on 5308XL

I have router1 and router2 configured with and
each router has access to 3 static VLANs
XRRP is configured so each static VLAN address on router1 has an XRRP instance pointing to the corresponding static VLAN address on router2.

However on xrrp enable - router1 takes routing control from router2 and I am pulling my hair out to find out why.. any clues would be appreciated
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: XRRP on 5308XL

This thread may help you:


Are both routers connected via a port that is tagged on each one of those VLANs?

If you can attach your running-config from each that will be a great start.
Carl Morss
Occasional Advisor

Re: XRRP on 5308XL

Thanks Mat - sorry its taken so long to get back to this topic.

Ive read through the link you posted, thanks, and can confirm that my config was in the same format. Unfortunately the system is now live so I am waiting for a couple of new 53xx switches for testing.

I will post back when i have the test kit.