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about 2 NIC with single cisco 4006

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about 2 NIC with single cisco 4006

Hello, boddy.
Can any one tell me what happend?

I have a WIN2K server with 2 NIC(came from different manufacture),NIC A 's ip address is, NIC B 's ip address is

A cisco switch 4006 set with 8 vlan. they were encapsulation with DOT1Q, vlan 1's ip address is, vlan 2's ip address is

Now I have notbook PC which ip address is In my notebook PC, I execute "ping -t" and "ping -t". When I try to unplug or plug the cable connected with server NIC B, I found the connection of NIC A was disconnected with a few seconds.

While I try to include NIC A and NIC B into the same vlan or move my notebook PC into the third vlan(for example:, it became normal.

How can I avoid this without reconfigure whole system's ip address?
Thank you all.
Ernest Ford
Trusted Contributor

Re: about 2 NIC with single cisco 4006

You don't tell us how the third VLAN connects with the first and second so I can't comment on that, but if I understand your NETWORK configuration correctly, I'd say everything is working at it should.

Your notebook PC, with an ip of is in the subnet, as is NIC B in the server - if you pinging NIC A from the notebook, the packets go to NIC B, are routed internally to the server and you get a response.

If you unplug the cable connected with NIC B, your packets can no longer reach NIC A (even if a physical connection exists) because it's in a different subnet - and a time-out error occurs.

There are different ways to deal with it, all of which involve some form of routing to pass traffic between the two subnets, but I can't recommend one, because you haven't explained what you are trying to achieve.

BTW - why are you posting this question to the HP/Compaq forums - I don't see anything about your question that relates to HP or Compaq