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about HSRP

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about HSRP

Hi Any body have idea about HSRP fit in which area?

Ben Dehner
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Re: about HSRP

I'm not sure about your question. HSRP is Hot Standby Routing Protocol, is a Cisco proprietary protocol for having multiple routers acting as a default gateway on a single subnet. In this reguard it works like VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol).

I've never worked with HSRP, but my understanding is that it is in some ways better than VRRP, because it allows some level of load sharing and balancing between the member routers. But HSRP also requires that all member routers are Cisco. Since VRRP is an open standard, it will work in a multi-vendor environment.
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Re: about HSRP

I Know about but my question is

In which environment it is fit.

what is it's use in real world.
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Re: about HSRP

It's used for REAL, HEAVY routing by the top router company's devices: Cisco Systems.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: about HSRP


HSRP is a Redundancy Protocol used usually on Core Switches.

This protocol forms a Virtual Core Switch that has more than One Core (Dual Core Switches in most cases and Multiple in Distributed Core situation).

Its a part of the Redundancy and load sharing techniques in the network where one Routing Switch is active and the other in Standby waiting for the Master fail to handle its operation , and in some cases both Routing Switches will work in Active/Active topology.

HSRP is a Cisco proprietary, and your equivalent is the VRRP which is standard.

Note: VRRP does load sharing between all the Routing Switches involved in the VRRP operation.

More info about VRRP:

More info about VRRP operation on ProCurve Switches:

Good Luck !!!
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