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advise on vlan routing

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advise on vlan routing

I have 10 2610's and 1 2824's setup across 4 locations connected with fiber (in the same building). The 2824 will be a core switch. I don't want the setup to be more complicated than needed with 220 ip phones and ~350 hosts/computers, but I am considering setting up four isolated vlan's (one 2610 routing for each location).

#1 Are the 4 vlans/subnets overkill for this setup (verses a single vlan/subnet for data)?

#2 Any advantage/disadvantage in setting up and tagging all vlans on the links between locations, besides routing between vlans (verses isolating the vlan to each location)?

#3 I plan to use vlan qos priority for the voip vlan. Is this the best method?


Pieter 't Hart
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Re: advise on vlan routing

campus-design is not really neccessary for this amount of phones/computers.

for the simpelest setup you may use only two vlan's/subnet => voice and data.
routing is minimal in this setup.

if you want isolated vlans per location, you may end up with 10 vlans total => 4x voice 4x data 2 x routing between vlans.
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Re: advise on vlan routing

--- "campus-design is not really necessary for this amount of phones/computers."

Ok. Just wanted to eliminate any potential broadcast issues.

--- "for the simplest setup you may use only two vlan's/subnet => voice and data.
routing is minimal in this setup."

I would at least like to have workstations and servers on separate subnets/vlans. Would this setup serve that purpose?

vlan1(default) = workstations
vlan41 = voip
vlan100 = servers

vlan's would be setup across all switches with the core 2824 setup for routing between vlan 1 and 100. A separate WAN router would serve as the default route on the 2824.