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any ethernet switch with redundant SDH uplink?

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any ethernet switch with redundant SDH uplink?

Hi all,

I am looking for a commercially available Ethernet switch (12 to 48 port, 100/1000 ) that would be able to use a (preferablelly) redundant SDH uplink over optical fiber.

Is there such a thing?.
Any help appreciated, TIA,

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Re: any ethernet switch with redundant SDH uplink?

Hi Javier

I believe it is going to be pretty hard to find what you are looking for, and I don't mean only within the HP portfolio, I mean in general.

SDH and Sonet multiplexing is intended to provide multiservice transport networks, usually over long distances wan connections or fiber rings for metropolitan areas.

SDH consists of a completely different framing scheme from Ethernet and it needs heavy processing for an extremely heavy protocol. Whatever you find in the market is target for service providers.

Now, there are thousands of solutions out there for redundant fiber uplinks, but Ethernet based.