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bonding flex-10 interface under RHEL 5.5

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bonding flex-10 interface under RHEL 5.5


I have an enclave sitting behind a procurve 6600. Behind the 6600 is a c7000 with several bl460c g6 servers. The bl460c's have flex-10 nics and there are two flex-10 switches in interconnect bays 1&2. I have RHEL 5.5 installed on the bl460c's. I have eth0 and eth4 on each blade set up in a bonded pair with a routable address. The bond was set up for fail over. Yesterday afternoon, I was curious to see if round robin would work. So, on the server in slot 1, I changed it. I progressively started loosing access to everything behind the procurve. I had to go to the systems and remove the bonding configuration to get access back to the enclave.

The bonded interface seems to work with mode=1, but I'm not sure if that is just because it is basically running as static or not. That is, if eth0 fails and the server starts using eth4, will the flex-10 switch understand and make it work?

Do I have to do some sort of configuration on the flex-10 switch to support the bonded interface?

If I'm in the wrong forum, please point me to the correct one.