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broadcast-limit setting on 5406zl

Vince Butler

broadcast-limit setting on 5406zl

I have all of my 5300-series switches configured with the broadcast-limit global command. I tried adding the same setting to my new 5406zl's, but I'm getting an "invalid input" error. According to the Management and Configuration Guide, on page 10-13 it states that this command should work. Is this a bug? Will it be fixed in a future software release?
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: broadcast-limit setting on 5406zl

From memory I think you need to go into the actual interface and set the broadcast limit per port. You also need to specify the percentage of broadcast traffic to be allowed.


5400(config)# int a1
5400(eth-a1)# broadcast-limit 10

I believe the manual is currently incorrect.