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c3000 SAN blade, web interface unreachable

Bas Rijniersce
Occasional Contributor

c3000 SAN blade, web interface unreachable


We have a c3000 (Shorty) with two GbE2c blade switches and two Brocade 4/12 SAN switches.

The initial configuration was done by an external company. I've just completed a complete -renumbering of all IP's used in the enclosure. Everything is getting the IP's nicely using EBIPA. During the initial configuration by the external company they gad setup some manual IP's in our production lan, but kept the rest in a separate LAN, that caused some trouble. But they all seem to have been solved.

Problem left is the SAN blades. They get their EBIPA IP as shown in OA. But I can't reach them from our production LAN.
1) How does the SAN blade switch communication with the ethernet switches, what VLAN, port etc
2) Is there another way to get to the SAN switches other then web interface? The Eth switches have a serial port

Evert Goor
Trusted Contributor

Re: c3000 SAN blade, web interface unreachable

all communications are going by the management port of the enclosure. So it is out of band management.