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can't see user passwords in config

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can't see user passwords in config

Dir Sirs! Help me please!

I typed such commands:

[4500]local-user usr1
[4500-luser-usr1]password simple 0000000000
Updating user password, please wait..........
[4500]disp cur
local-user usr1

 That is I can't see user password. It's disaster for me.

And when I configured ssh access I'm able to log on to the switch using username and password but I can't see the password in configuration file too. Please help me!

Switch 4500 26-Port Software Version 3Com OS V3.03.02s168p15

Thank you in advance!


Re: can't see user passwords in config

Maybe i did not get your question, but you can´t read out passwords by showing config files from HP Switches.

I guess this is the same with 3Com.


The password you have set will work, but config output will always show something like this:

'password manager'

'password operator'


Kind regards