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cannot connect using dial-up on a zt1190

Jon Mullins
Occasional Visitor

cannot connect using dial-up on a zt1190

I have been trying for several months to successfully access the internet using my Pavilion zt1190. I have before, and can still using my DSL at home. When trying to access using dial-up, I get an error msg that either does not give a error message code, or there is a message that says Error 50 command not supported. This notebook uses the ESS SuperLink M-Data Voice Modem. According to the log, the command not supported is .

I have contacted my ISP, and unistalled and reinstalled the software from them, and also tried reinstalling the modem driver from my recovery disks.

How can I get passed this aggrevation and start using my dial-up while away from home?

Thank you for any help you can provide!

Jon M.
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: cannot connect using dial-up on a zt1190

I'd first try a new modem driver:


Also check windowsupdate.microsoft.com for new files.

If that doesn't work it is possible to manually edit the mdmxxx.inf file to remove the offending command. On a 2K system the mdm xxx.inf files are in C:\winnt\inf directory. There is one called mdmess.inf which is probably yours. Copy it and the .pnf of the same name to another folder to be safe. Then open the original .inf file with notepad and search for CLS and remove the #CLS reference - not the whole line just the #CLS or #CLS= or #CLS=?.

Then uninstall and reinstall your modem. IF it doesn't recreate the .pnf file you are probably messing with the wrong file. See if that helps.