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changing vlan1 to anything else

ron snyder_2
Occasional Visitor

changing vlan1 to anything else

It's been recommended to me by a number of different consultants that we NOT use vlan 1 for anything due to the many types of equipment that come with that as the default.

Unfortunately, that knowledge did not come to us before we deployed a switch 5308xl with all the ports configured to be untagged in vlan 1. This switch is in a datacenter FAR away, and I have no out-of-band ability to communicate with it.

I haven't been able to find the magic words to switch all the ports and ip address over to a different vlan number. Can anybody point me to some resources that will help me out?
Sergej Gurenko
Trusted Contributor

Re: changing vlan1 to anything else

Looks like you have no VLANs deployed in you data-center. In case you have ONLY one VLAN in switch (e.g. Default VLAN #1) there is no difference what number it is. All the choices have same security.
Hugo Tigre
Trusted Contributor

Re: changing vlan1 to anything else

the first resource u should read is the 5308 advance trafic manual, youl'l find everething you need to know in there.

But i didn't understand if you want to configure more vlans or not.

if u don't, than it's just like Sergej Gurenko said.

if u do, i think the best practice is first document the changes, than create the vlans u need in yout switch, and finally choose a time of low network usage to pass the ports in your default vlan to your desired vlan(s).

u can still leave a port in the default vlan for managment in case something goes wrong, and if u want to increasse security u can configure that port for management only by you personal computer.

Preston Gallwas
Valued Contributor

Re: changing vlan1 to anything else

Whatever you do, dont unassign the uplink port that you access remotely via IP until you have another IP accessible as well :p