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cisco 4006 configuration

ravi saxena

cisco 4006 configuration

hi ,
i need a basic configuration sample for catalyst 4006 core switch with only one vlan and bare minimum configuration.also i am not able to understand the conventions used for naming the ports/module in the switch .
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Re: cisco 4006 configuration

Hi Ravi,

Mind you that this is an HP forum and not Cisco, nevertheless maby someone can help you with the catalyst unforunatly I have no idea.


Ron Kinner
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Re: cisco 4006 configuration

It should come from the factory with a bare minimum configuration and all ports in VLAN 1. What are you trying to do and what is not working. Are you using the Cisco IOS or the Catalyst Command Line Interface?

Can you do a
(Cisco IOS)
show run
show config all

and post it here?


is a list of config guides.

As for the numbering system. You will have 6 slots numbered 1 through 6 starting at the top. The card in slot 1 is always the cpu (Supervisor Engine). The remaining slots will have port cards. In Cisco IOS The Ethernet ports are called fastethernet which you abreviate with an f and the fiber or gigabit Ethernet ports are abreviated with a g.

I don't have one to look at so I can't be sure but they probably number the ports from the left starting with 1 so the first port would be slot 2 port 1 or 2/1. (I think there are also two ports on the CPU called 1/1 and 1/2 but I don't usually use them) If it was an Ethernet port you would refer to it as interface fastethernet 2/1 or int f2/1 for short.

Easiest way to see is just do a

sh int

it should list them in order.

In Cat the command is

sh port

and I think they don't use the f or g