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cisco mystery

Stuart Teo
Trusted Contributor

cisco mystery


This may not be a mystery to you. :)

I have 2 cisco 7500 routers running the same bootldr and IOS images. When I do a 'show ver' on one, it shows me the version of 3 items: bootstrap, bootldr, IOS.

When I do the same 'show ver' on the other one, it shows me only the bootstrp and IOS versions without showing me the bootldr version.


The other thing I noticed was the difference in the results of 'show bootvar'. The first one shows that bootvars are 'not set'. The second one shows that bootvars are blank.


Other than that, the both work fine.
If a problem can be fixed, there's nothing to worry. If a problem can't be fixed, worrying ain't gonna help. Bottom line: don't worry.
Scott Elliott_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: cisco mystery

If both of them are connected then one will transmit to the other the data to be displayed more or less becoming a "slave" to the other.I am not very farmilliar with the cisco 7500's but this is the only thing that i can think of at the moment.