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configuration on hp2512

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configuration on hp2512

We are recently bought a couple of hp2512 switches for one of our site and I am not very much familiar with configuring HP switches, had some doubts

1. Does hp2512 support inter vlan routing, as I created 2 vlan i.e. vlan 2 (ip add this as the mgmt & primary vlan (i hope that's fine) and vlan 3 (ip
Configured one of the ports as access port (assinging untagged command to it) for vlan 3 and connected a client ip DG. The client is able to ping (i.e. DG) but not able to ping
Am I missing something?

2. I also tried to interconnect 2 hp2512 switches on port 12 by 'assinging tag port 12' for vlan 2 and 3 on there ports. I have just created the L# vlan for vlan3 (ip address and a L2 vlan for vlan2 by not assinging any ip addres to it on the second switch. Now from this second switch I can ping but not

To start with I need to get these issues resolved.
Thomas Joebstl
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Re: configuration on hp2512

If it's really a 2512/J4812 they're already quite old devices and *do not* support any layer 3 routing functionality.
Afaik no 25xx switch will support L3 routing, you'd have to get at least a 26xx for basic routing support - and last time I dealt with a 2626 as router I swiftly replaces it with something better, dont know how the new 2610 series performs.

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Re: configuration on hp2512

Thanks for the information
I guess that's why the point 2 for the 802.1q links is also not working.

Just one more doubt, on the L3 swtiches like the 26x, is there any specific command for enabling the L3 functionality of the switch for eg on the Cisco 3750 etc we need to enter 'ip routing' command.