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configure port based vlan

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configure port based vlan


How do I config port based vlan.
I want every port from 2-22 on my 2824 to be isolated from each other so that port 2 cannot access port 3-22 and port 3 cannot acces port 2 -4-22 and so. i am new to vlan. how do i set it up?
Matt Hobbs
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Re: configure port based vlan

If you just want to put each port into a different VLAN you would do the following:

2824(config)# vlan 2
2824(vlan-2)# untagged 2

2824(config)# vlan 3
2824(vlan-3)# untagged 3

2824(config)# vlan 4
2824(vlan-4)# untagged 4


Each port will only be able to communicate with itself, which is not very useful at all.

Maybe you need source-port filtering instead? This will allow each port to talk to the uplink port to get access to the rest of the network, but will prevent them from talking to the other ports on the same switch. You should be able to find more information on this in the manuals for the product.
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Re: configure port based vlan


yes that is what i am looking for.
thank you for your help.