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configuring sntp on any hp procurve?


configuring sntp on any hp procurve?


trying to get sntp configured on a number of hp switches. seems like the documentation is a little thin.

bottom line is, why can't i use a DNS name for my time servers? Why can i only enter IP numbers? Not great if you want to use a pool.

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: configuring sntp on any hp procurve?

At this point in time it's not possible to use DNS for SNTP. It's only recently been possible to use DNS for ping and traceroute (on some platforms), so hopefully other commands like SNTP will be able to use DNS in the future.

Re: configuring sntp on any hp procurve?

this is pretty ridiculous.

let's hope HP fixes this. Seems like if you want to play in the entreprise, supporting name resolution to access resources isn't that much to ask for.
Jason Luckett
Frequent Advisor

Re: configuring sntp on any hp procurve?

Hi nic,

I know you were after DNS for SNTP, which is not achievable at the moment.

However you can configure up to three IP addresses of different servers that you wish to have as your SNTP server.

Unfortunately this does not work in a round robin, but works as follows:

If the primary SNTP sever does not respond, after three consecutive polling intervals, the switch tries the next server in the list. If the switch tries all servers in the list without success, it sends an error message to the Event Log and reschedules to try the address list again after the configured Poll Interval time has expired.

Which as such does give you redundancy and a server pool, with careful planning you should be able to point different switches to different servers and achieve the pool you require.

I hope this helps,