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connect multiple routers to 2810 switch

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connect multiple routers to 2810 switch

I have FIOS internet service from Verizon. 5 static IP addresses. I want to use two or more routers at my location. Each with one of the static, public IPs provided by Verizon. ( one router networks a bunch of IP cameras. a 2nd for the PCs and servers in the office. a 3rd used to experiment with windows home server. )

Can I config the 2810 switch so that each router connects from its WAN port to the switch? Then connect the cable from the ISP into the switch. Config the switch to router traffic for each static IP to the router for that IP?

Using a hub I was able to connect each router to the WEB this way. But systems on one router could not ping or otherwise connect to devices on the other router. I am hoping this managed switch can do this job.

Josh Boyer

Re: connect multiple routers to 2810 switch

What type of routers are you using?

And if I may ask why do you not use just one router with the 2800 switch behind it with a vlan for IP camera another for PCs and servers and another for experimenting with WHS?

You could use the router to route between/secure each vlan and the router should be able to handle the multiple external IP addresses using NAT/PAT. Also is there a firewall involved here at all?

Not disagreeing totally with what you are trying to do just need to understand
Pieter 't Hart
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Re: connect multiple routers to 2810 switch

>>> Using a hub I was able to connect each router to the WEB this way. <<<

A switch (in it's default configuration out ob the box) behaves no other then a hub.
All ports belong to the same network (vlan1) each devic on this vlan can communicate with one another if ip-config is correct.
The switch does not participate in routing.

- WAN port connected to switch
- 3 x router connected to switch
- ISP and routers belong to same subnet
routers can ping eachothers public interface
routers can ping ISP interface
internet can ping routers.

But then!
the internal network behind the routers:
router-1 must know where to find the networks behind router-2 and -3
=> add static routes
evenso for other routers.
- PC and server can ping camera's

If these subnets are private adresses you cannot reach those from the internet.
evenso outgoing connections fail because the internet does not know the path back
- pc and server cannot reach internet
- internet cannot reach server or camera's

You need to configure NAT to translate outgoing private adresses to the public adress of the router
- clients can reach internet
- internet cannot reach clients or camera's

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Re: connect multiple routers to 2810 switch

Thanks for the replies. Very helpful.