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connect switch to hub ?

Wayne Green
Frequent Advisor

connect switch to hub ?

WE've got some RP5470s with A6795A 2GB FC HBAs connecting to 344181-B21 SAN SWITCH 2/16-EL and EVA3K disk arrays.

The arrays replaced an FC60 and FC10 disk enclosures that were connected via A3724AZ 10 Port Short Wave FC Hubs.

My question is can I connect the hubs to the switches to access the FC10s. We have A5158A HBAs in the servers but I don't want to connect them direct as the FC10 disks are getting old now and we've had serious problems in the past when a disk starts spitting out errors on the loop.

I think I've seen a posting which suggested setting a switch port for Arbitrated Loop. If this is possible I was then thinking of zoning the switch ports. Then all i need to do is figure out how.
I'll have a beer, thanks