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connect two switches together

Lasse Heinonen
Occasional Visitor

connect two switches together

Hello. I have two hp 1810g-8 switches. Ports 2(tagged), 3, and 4 are in vlan id 200 and ports 5(tagged), 6 and 7 are in vlan id 100. Connection works fine if I connect those two switches from port 2 to 2 and 5 to 5.

How can I connect this two switches together with one cable and access to both vlans. With port trunking? But how?
Mohammed Faiz
Honored Contributor

Re: connect two switches together

If you want to use just one cable you can tag more than one vlan on a port so just connect port 2 on both switches and tag both vlans on it, simple!

To give yourself a bit of resilience you can connect two cables and turn them into a trunk. So for example, on each switch run "trunk 1,2 trk1" and then "vlan 100 tag trk1" and "vlan 200 tag trk1" then connect ports 1 and 2 between the switches.