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connecting multiple procurve switches help...

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connecting multiple procurve switches help...

I currently am trying to create multiple VLANs across multiple procurve 2800 switches. I have a procurve 3400cl as the main switch and router. I can successfully create and connect VLANs on any 2800 switch that is directly connected to the 3400. Any 2800 switch that is indirectly connected (via another 2800) will not pass any VLAN traffic aside from the default. When I tag the port on the 2800 switches (the 3400 direct connects) that connects to another 2800 it breaks connectivity to the second 2800 (that also has tagging enabled on the correlating port). I hope this makes sense.
What am I missing on the 2800 switch configs?
Mohammed Faiz
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Re: connecting multiple procurve switches help...

Could you post of the configs for a directly connected 2800 and the corresponding 2800 that's connected to that.