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Re: dot1q and LACP

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dot1q and LACP

I need to configure ,port trunk (LACP bundle) between 4 ports of 1700-24 and 2510-24. and also need to configure this bundled link as 802.1q trunk which will carry around 50 vlans. i need help about configuring 802.1q tagging on this bundled lacp link. what i have seen is i will need to assign each port as tagged under all vlan which i want to send across.for 50 vlans it an hectic task.is there a way that i can say all vlan are tagged on those 4 ports in the LACP bundle etc.
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Re: dot1q and LACP

Slight modification in the scenario,
now got both 2510-24 switches. need to configure LACP and vlan tagging. anyone????
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Re: dot1q and LACP

trunk 4-5 trk1 lacp
vlan xxx tag trk1

you might want to try out the "menu" command
you can tag all the vlans in there also.

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