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egress vlan tagging

Ben Holtsclaw
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egress vlan tagging

I have the following from my service provider:

Since the IP payload must be examined to determine the type of traffic (Premium, Priority) a specific VLAN tag MUST be assigned by the customer equipment on all data frames transmitted to the BellSouth® Metro Ethernet
Service network service Node port. The customer and BellSouth Metro Ethernet Operations Center (MEOC), through the customer Account Team, will agree on the VLAN tag value to be used. The services Node port will
be provisioned to recognize the VLAN tag and process those frames with the proper value. Any frames without the proper VLAN tag value will be dropped at the ingress to the network.

How do I accomplish this with a 5412? By simply creating a tagged vlan on the port that connects to the metro ethernet network, are all of my frames tagged at egress?
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Re: egress vlan tagging

Hi Ben,

I assume the provide wants to get a 802.1q tagged frame. Please doublecheck with your provider. That means you have to use normal tagging on both ends of the Metro network.

vlan xx
vlan yy
and so on.

You provider will add a second tag (aka QinQ) to distinguish between the different customers. But you will not see this tag, becaus it will be removed on the other end of the Metro link.


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