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ehternet controller for compaq deskpro

Nathan Jones_7
Occasional Visitor

ehternet controller for compaq deskpro

I recently bought a refurb compaq. It doesn't say which model it is but I entered the serial number on the website and got this info

Product Description: TB/LN [Bass] (815E)
Model Number: ENC/P800/15e/6/256c

I don't know what to install so I can make my ehterenet controller work. I've tried downloading different drivers and isntalling them but I haven't had any luck. What drivers do I need to download?
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: ehternet controller for compaq deskpro

Which Operating System do you want this to work with?


Is the page to start with.

First thing you need to install is the Intel Chipset support.


Then the Intel PRO/100/1000 Drivers for All Operating Systems:

You can use this link but it is 89M because it covers all operating systems. Better to just get the driver for your operating system: