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failover test on N4000 running Informix

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failover test on N4000 running Informix

We have one N4000 server connected to two brocade silkworm switches both going to one VA7400 SAN with two controllers all fibre connected. We have been doing fail over tests with this set up to see if we loose one controller or a brocade switch connected to the VA7400 it, should, go over to the alternate path. If we do a vgdisplay -v /dev/vgx the screen does show an alternate path, and the correct one, but the system still does not fail over. Our database crashes.
We only run Informix Database ver 7.3 on this system. We have altered the pvtime out settings going from 30 to 180 seconds and many inbetween but with no success.
Does anyone have a thought on this??
Ross Hanson
G. Vrijhoeven
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Re: failover test on N4000 running Informix


We had a different, but simular config:

N4000 HPUX 11.00 and 11.11
FC 16 switches ( Brocade) ( first arbitraded loop , now Fabric)
XP1024 disks

And the fail over to alternates worked fine.

You could check for Patches on OS:

Did you think of logging a CALL at HP?