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firmware 7.22

Ralf Reinartz
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firmware 7.22

Yesterday I upgraded a 4108gl from 5.04 to 7.22 becourse I installed a 1000Base TX Modul.
Reboot with secondary flash and the switch came up. But a few seconds later I lost IP connection to the Management address. But the switch worked fine. All Connetions to connected devices were OK.
Around half an hour later the Managment address was reachable again.
Has anyone an Idea, what happend?
In Event log I found nothing got wrong???

so long
Jerome Henry
Honored Contributor

Re: firmware 7.22

It seems to happen sometimes since the elevation right vulnerability correction (a vulnerability which allowed you to get highter privileges on connection from Ip management address with no root rights), sort of unaccessibility on reboot from Ip management address... don't know if it's made to prevent such attack... So you hadn't this effect on 5.x version, as this vulnerability is a few months old.

Doesn't help much, but hope it'll get your sleep better.

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Re: firmware 7.22

set the 1000Base TX port to 1000 Mbps FDx, to make it compatible with 4000M's 1000Base TX ports (which I guess you used for uplink). Here is some text from HP documentation that came with my 4108GLs:

Connectivity Note Regarding Gigabit-SX and -LX Port Settings for Links Between an HP Series 4100GL Switch and Other Switch Models:

In the HP 1600M/2400M/2424M/4000M/8000M sitches, and also in other vendors' switches, the default port mode setting for the Gigabit-SX and Gigabit-LX ports is forced 1000FDx (Gigabit full-duplex). However, the default port mode for the Gigabit-SX and -LX ports in the HP 4108GL is Auto. In earlier software releases, the HP 4108GL tolerated this mismatch and allowed SX and LX links with these other switches to exist. The HP
4108GL (when running software release G.04.04 or greater) now complies with the Gigabit-SX and -LX standard that disallows linkbeat to be enabled when there is a mismatch. (The HP 4104GL, introduced with software release G.05.01, also complies with this requirement.) Thus, mismatched links between Gigabit-SX and -LX ports on an HP Series 4100GL switch and the HP 1600M/2400M/2424M/4000M/8000M switches or other switches that were formerly allowed will now fail. To avoid this problem either reconfigure the Gigabit-SX and -LX ports to Auto on the HP 1600M/2400M/2424M/4000M/8000M switches or other switches, or reconfigure
the Gigabit-SX and -LX ports on the HP Series 4100GL switches to 1000FDx.

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Re: firmware 7.22

Here is another copy and paste, from the same .pdf (which I attached to this message - maybe you'll find more interesting things):

Caution: Archive Pre-G.07.2x Configuration Files

A configuration file saved while using release G.07.2x (or greater) is not backward-compatible with earlier releases. For this reason, HP recommends that you archive the most recent configuration on switches using
software releases earlier than G.07.2x before you update any switches to software release G.07.2x or later.