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help im lost and cant find my way

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help im lost and cant find my way

Hi all,
Yes im new and very green.
I know a little about everything and alot about nothing. I have a Cisco 2500 router with 16 modems attached and 1 is bad. As soon as someone around this office remembers the password I can telnet into it. Is there a command or script that will send me back a modem status report. Should i do an SNMP walk. Where the heck do I start.

Please help.
Ron Kinner
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Re: help im lost and cant find my way

Get the password first:


Just follow the steps and it will work OK unless you are using NT. Hyperterm is broken in NT so it can't send a break. You can download Hyperterm Private Edition from the web which can send a break or use any of the many terminal emulators available at www.shareware.com or www.winsite.com. The other problem you sometimes have is finding the right cable. Be especialy careful not to skip step 9 or you will lose your config.

Now log on and do:

show line

That should give you a list of connections and their status. CON is the console port, AUX is the Aux port and VTY are virtual ports. Don't have one to check but I think your modems will say TTY. That may be all you need to see which one is bad.

If you need more proof you can reverse telnet to each modem. Do
sh ip int b
to get a list of the ip addresses on the box. Pick one which is up and then:
telnet IPaddress 2002
should take you to modem #1. Type ATE1 and see if it says OK.
You have to hang up by doing Ctrl + Shift + 6 then x
which should take you back to the prompt where you do
disc line 1
then repeat for 2003-2017.


IF that doesn't help write back and I'll go into how to use the debug modem command.

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Re: help im lost and cant find my way

ok we're rockin now.
Another questin Mr router guru guy, and thank you so much.

I managed to get into it and restart snmp before your response, with your help have concluded all modems are ok except there are 2 9600 bauds in there lol. Now the plan is to write a script to alert me when the modem or modems do not respond to incomming connection, perhaps send me an email or page.
Any suggestions, existing scripts or script writing tutorials you could suggest.

Your the King
Thanks for all your help
Ron Kinner
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Re: help im lost and cant find my way

Get MRTG. It will poll the router every 5 minutes or so and make sure everything is OK. It can be set up to email you or page you if something is down. In its default configuration it only checks for traffic in and out but by tweaking the cfg file you can make it do all sorts of neat things. There should be an SNMP MIB that it can query for each Modem to see what the status is. You then set it up with the threshold command so that it activates a file or program when the value falls below a set threshold and you are home free. Runs on almost anything and its free but takes a little effort to customize.


Another possibility is to use Kiwi Enterprises syslog daemon. It runs on NT and is free. Collects SNMP messages from the routers and when it gets one that matches certain criteria will email or page you.

I'm sure there are equivalent programs for UNIX. I'd look at the Perl site: