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help with trunk setup

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help with trunk setup


I have procurve 2510G-24 switch and want to setup trunking on the switch.

I have three DL 380G6 servers which run ESXi with 4 onboard nics.

The ESXi has vDS with one as corporate lan and other as backup and vmotion

Two of those four nics are in corporte lan and other two in vmotion and backup

There are three VLAN's setup on the switch.

default - corporate LAN
backup - for backup VALN ID 5
vmotion - for vmotion VALN ID 8

I need some help in setting up trunking so that I can get maximum throughput. So if I have three 1G NICS setup in trunking in each VLAN, can I get throughput of 3G/s ???

Attached is some further details. Please advise and many thanks in advance
Pieter 't Hart
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Re: help with trunk setup

yes you can
no you can't

port trunking selects physical ports based on sourece/destionation mac-address.
-> for a single datastream you will only use a single nic.
Multiple datastreams will each use a separate NIC maximizing at 1Gbps adding up a total of max 3Gbps.

Same goes for incomming + outgoing.
Each nic working full-duplex can receive max 1Gbps and send max 1Gbps wich total to 2Gbps
But NOT 2Gbps in one direction