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help with vlans

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help with vlans



first of all i am new to the vlan world.

what i would like to do is create 3 vlans on my 2626 switch.

port 1-12 are renters 2 (vlan 2)

port 13-22 are renters 3 (vlan 3)

port 23-24 wifi (vlan 4)

port 26 uplink

port 25 management port

setting this ip was no problem.

my only problem is that in 1 of these vlans i dont got any internet connection.

on port 25 i got a internet connection witout a problem

i have put a screenshot in of my settings.(link) http://imgur.com/FGenXUd


can sombody help me with this.

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Re: help with vlans

Hello, can you please share your configuration file? tnx