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how kill process on procurve ?

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how kill process on procurve ?

i have a process with high CPU on my switch procurve 2910al (firmware W.14.49)

86 percent busy, from 300 sec ago
1 sec ave: 90 percent busy
5 sec ave: 94 percent busy
1 min ave: 92 percent busy

% CPU | Description
15.4 | Idle
84.6 | Debug & Test

How stop or kill Debug & test because a most lag on my network ??

I still have a problem on my cpu switch POE 2520. (10 switch)


cenk sasmaztin
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Re: how kill process on procurve ?

hi Labanowski

you network loop many different connection between switch or breakdown nic

therefore consists of the loop

must have enable spanning-tree on each switch
with "(config)#spanning-tree" command


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Re: how kill process on procurve ?

I have exactly the same on two 2910 switches with both firmware 14.38 and 14.49. The CPU usage of the Debug & Test process is high for about 2 or 3 hours and then goes low again for a couple of days.

We are confident that we dont have any networks loops and have spanning-tree and loop-protection enabled on our network.

Already created an support case for this, but no answer or solutions yet.
Does anyone have access to newer release notes and know if there is a fix for this in a newer not generally available firmware?
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Re: how kill process on procurve ?

Hello. We too have this same issue on firmware 14.49. I contacted HP support and by the time they got to my case, the problem disappeared. It usually goes away after 2-3 hours. I dont even have debugging turned on.

I think its a bug, and hopefully they will find it and fix it.
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Re: how kill process on procurve ?

still unanswered ! :'(
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Re: how kill process on procurve ?

Hi all

That issue is currently under investigation. Call your local support.



HPE Networking Engineer
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Re: how kill process on procurve ?



Do you have any news about the evolution of this situation ?


Thanks in advance,