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hp 2524 reboats

mohammed arafat_2
Frequent Advisor

hp 2524 reboats

hello Dears
i have a problem with 2524 switch
it is the same as the problem before but with an error code new
it is not even in the old bugs it is :Software exception at woodyDma_recv.c:155-- in 't
i made a f/w upgrade F.05.09 and the problem still occured but randomly and sometimes it keep reboating , i restor the default and erased the startup config file
so plz advice
Henrik Stahlberg
Occasional Advisor

Re: hp 2524 reboats

Hello. My advise would be to give the command "show tech" and also "show log" at the CLI. Then come back to the resource center forum with the information you might see there. This is helpful when troubleshooting.

regards - Henrik
Arimo Laine_2
Valued Contributor

Re: hp 2524 reboats


If you see the woodyDma-error, call HP support. The switch is likely to be replaced.

Jorge Fabian Mancilla F
Occasional Contributor

Re: hp 2524 reboats


I have exactly the same problem.

System went down: 01/01/90 00:14:49
Saved crash information:
Software exception at woodyDma_recv.c:155 -- in 'tDevPollRx', task ID = 0xdf86b8
-> DMA unrecoverable error

My configuration was Procurve 2524 + Transceiver 100/1000-T. (I think this is damaged).

What was your conclusion, about this?.

mohammed arafat_2
Frequent Advisor

Re: hp 2524 reboats

hi , contact your local HP Reseller for replacment it was a hardware defect