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hp 2524 stack and vlan limitation

Bernhard Jethan
Occasional Contributor

hp 2524 stack and vlan limitation


i've got a question regarding vlan limitation to 30 vlans per procurve 2524. how does this apply to a stack with for e.g. two 2524's?

Following scenario:

Switch A and Switch B, connected via the stacking-kit. Switch A has an fiber uplink to the backbone.
I would link to configure vlan 1-23 on switch A and vlan 24-47 on switch B.
does the trunk on the uplink port on switch a contain all configured vlans in the stack (1-47) ?
Correlates the 30 vlan limitation to whole stack or to each switch in stack?

thanks for your support,

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Re: hp 2524 stack and vlan limitation

To be able to transport 47 VLANs over the fiber, you will need to define 47 VLANs in the switch that has the fiber transciever, and put that port in all 47 VLANs (can be untagged in one VLAN, but must be tagged in all the others). Obviously, this exceeds the limit of 30 VLANs allowed by HP on this switch model.

The solution, as I see it, is to connect the switches individually to the backbone switch, and quit using the stacking kit in this case (you'll need the stacking kit for sure when you will supplement the users on switch A or B :-). So get another pair of FX, SX, LX or LH transceivers and use a second pair of fibers from the fiber cable to the backbone switch.

I hope you did not install a 1-pair optical fiber cable :-). I also hope the backbone switch supports 47 VLANs :-)

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Re: hp 2524 stack and vlan limitation

Hi I have a similar situation but could not solve the problem
i have 2 core switches 5304xl, and a nummber of access switches 2524 connected with a optical link to each of the core switches. I also have a stack of 4 2524s with a stacking kit. Each of the 2 ends of the stack connects to one of the core switches. I created vlans on the other access switches and put the uplink ports as tagged in vlan 2. I also put all the core switch ports as tagged in vlan 2. I also have a trunk between the core ones.
vlans on these access switches works, but not on the stack - it does not matter if I try to use a middle or an edge stack member - it still does not work. i do put the uplink ports in vlan 2 tagged, just like the rest of the access ones, but no change. I hope this is somewhat clear, but i'd be willing to provide some additional info if need be like firmware, config files etc. thanks in advance