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hp procurve 2650 switch

Ruud Hermans
Occasional Contributor

hp procurve 2650 switch

hi guys,

i'm pretty new to the bussiness so i need some help. I have one XP-machine, 1 5-port switch and a HP-procurve 2650 switch. The PC and HP switch get their connection from the other switch and that are the only cables i've plugged in. But do i need to use a console cable from the hp switch to my pc?

And how can i see the configuration of the hp switch on my pc?

Kinds Regards,
Respected Contributor

Re: hp procurve 2650 switch

Hi, I am not exactly sure about your interconnection but you need a console (serial) cable only if you want to connect to switch locally (out of band) to configure the switch. You can see the configuration just through console connection (terminal client such HyperTerminal is needed) or if your switch has an ip address and network works properly you can use telnet connection to connect to switch through classic network (some telnet client or only cmd is needed). After you are connected to switch command line interface, you can see your configuration using "show running-config" command.

There you can find Getting started guide:

and there is Management and configuration guide for 2650:

Regards Jan