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hp procurve 2650 vlan?

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hp procurve 2650 vlan?


i build 2 vlans :
- vlan1 ( switchport 10 and 11 on tagged and put on port 10 a client1 on port 11 a printserver1(

-vlan2 ( set port 12,13 on tagged and put on port 10 a client2 and on port 13 a printserver2(

so ican ping from clint1 tu printserver1
ping from client 2 to printserver 2.
but now:

our productive net (dc,wts, exchange etc.) is in subnetz /24.

How can can i configure the vlans, so that vlan1 and vlan2 can send packets to the /24?

what have to configure under configuartion-> ipconfiguration ? there you can select every vlan and give them a ip, subnetmask and a default gateway!?

Mohammed Faiz
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Re: hp procurve 2650 vlan?


You would need to enable "ip routing" (through CLI interface, I'm not very familiar with the Web interface) on the switch and make sure that the VLAN for the subnet has an IP address assigned to it.


cenk sasmaztin
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Re: hp procurve 2650 vlan?

fristly vlan member port must have untaggad port
so your vlan member pc or printer must connect untagged port

Let us come to your problems
you need DMZ zone
you can create new vlan on 2650 switch
for example vlan 3 and ip address must have and assing member port this vlan (untag port) connect this ports (dc,wts, exchange etc.) machines this machines ip address must have in network and this machine default gateway address must have ip address) all pc and printer or other network equpment default gateway address must have vlan ip address
for example vlan 2 member pc default gateway address must have switch vlan 2 ip address in this way tree subnet routing between (ip routing enable on switch )
but this solution unsecure

you need DMZ zone
2650 switch deprived access control list your (dc,wts, exchange etc.) machine must have out zone your local network and you make must have a firewall your inline network between outline network

my advice
you can use vlan 1 and vlan 2 inline network
on switch buy new firewall device and create on new DMZ zone for (dc,wts, exchange etc.) machine