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Re: hp switch port turns orange when I connect cable connected to device

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hp switch port turns orange when I connect cable connected to device


I have some hp switches connected to another hp switch.

The switch i'm investigating are 5500 and 2530.

Every time I plug a specific device (phone server) to the switch the port gets orange and I can't ping that device.

Is there a way to show if mac address has been blacklisted?

I tried:

display blacklist all
Blacklist information
Blacklist : disabled

so I guess that's not the proper command to troubleshoot the issue.


Re: hp switch port turns orange when I connect cable connected to device


You are using a display command so I asume that this switch is a Comware based device. I dont think that orange light on the port LED could mean a blacklisted client. The LEDs usually indicate only the very basic conditions. I double checked in the manual of a Comware switch (5130).


The port LED can be green or yellow. The yellow may be orange on some models.

When it is steady yellow it means that there is a link but the port is operating at 10 or 100Mbps (that means not at Gigabit speed). So if you are connecting an older client device which has a 100Mbps NIC this would be normal.

If the port is flashing yellow in a frequency different than 3 Hz it means that the port is sending or receving data at 10 or 100Mbps

If the port is flashing yellow 3 times per second (3 Hz) it means that the port has failed the power on self test (POST).

There are multiple CLI commands which can help you troubleshoot your switch and there is a very good documentation of the CLI synax. You can use the various options of the display command to check various conditions, just type

display ? 

to see all the options.

If you run the command display diagnostic-information, the switch will automatically run in a row all the most relevant display commands which are useful for troubleshooting. The configuration and system log is also included. If you save the output you can than search in the text file with the port number of MAC of your end device and check for any abnormal conditions or any settings which may block the access.


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