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hp2524 bandwitch setup

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Occasional Advisor

hp2524 bandwitch setup

hi everybody

how i can setup bandwitch on my vlans with my hp 2524 ??

i have 3 vlan between 2 switchs and i want setup a qos for first vlan 80 % bandwicht acces , second vlan 10 %, and the last 10 % too

it's possible with this swiths and how if someone known ???

thx all in advence
Kell van Daal
Respected Contributor

Re: hp2524 bandwitch setup

Hi Stagos,

It isn't possible to reserve bandwidth on the 2500 series. Only thing you can work with is 802.1p on the 2500
Occasional Advisor

Re: hp2524 bandwitch setup

thx man

ok my switch is 802.1 and for that i must have whih one ??

wich is the model can help me for make that i want and for not too expensive ??

again thx all