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Re: hpe 1920s lacp tagged?


hpe 1920s lacp tagged?


we have dell esxi cluster connected to hp procurve 1800 with lacp. I like to change that to new switch hpe 1920s. Does lacp support tagged vlan? second question is can connection be tagged or does default vlan to be untagged? im littlebit confused because after i have to modify those two ports 2,4 and add one more vlan. these port goes to default state, only vlan1 is included and all other are excluded. is that normal or do i that modifying somehow wrong way? my configure is admin and stp mode is enabled and static mode is disabled.

Second question is how to add hp procurve 1800 new vlan in lacp ports or does it include automatically?

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Re: hpe 1920s lacp tagged?

Once you created an aggregated links (LAGs = Port Trunks = Trunks <- HPE likes to change terminology between product lines) you have to work against the logical interface (e.g. TRK 1 in your case, probably): forget about (re)configuring member ports (e.g. port 2 and 4).

Go to VLAN -> Port Membership (filter for "TRK") and then work by untagging desired VLAN id and/or tagging desired other VLAN ids.


I have VLAN 1 (Default), 6, 2000 and 2250. VLAN id 2250 is untagged on the TRK 1, VLAN 6 is tagged and VLAN 1 and 2000 don't partecipate (aren't permitted). 

TRK 1 is untagged member of (thus included into) VLAN 2250

TRK 1 is tagged member of (thus included into) VLAN 6

TRK 1 is  untagged member of (thus excluded by) VLAN 1 and 2000










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