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hpjsira messes up on win 98

Stephen Hitchcox
Occasional Contributor

hpjsira messes up on win 98

I just updated my network to use a high speed connection, and a router, and then to access my 5si printer from all machines (easier now that I have a gateway and known IP addresses)

the hp information on resetting the 5si was great, and the hp printer finding/installing software worked well. however, rebooting on one of my 98 mchines has since become a problem. it appears that hpjsira.exe is loading 4 to 6 times in my newly updated win 98 installation, and causes the boot to take a very long time or to fail. the process results in resetting my network card addresses and gateway address on the 98 machine. to get the machine to work, I just have to undo it all! my short fix was to rename the file so Windows cannot find it, and the problem does not occur now. however, I'd like to find out how the program is called in 98, and neutralize the real problem.

any ideas? (the only other reference to hpjsira does not seem to apply)


Stephen Hitchcox