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iSCSI Support - What iSCSI Support ??

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I Philip
Occasional Advisor

iSCSI Support - What iSCSI Support ??

Forgive me in advance for probably asking a stupid question.

I need to spec. a Procurve switch for a Layer 2 iSCSI network. In the marketing blurb for the 2900-24G it says 'iSCSI support: enables the deployment of Ethernet storage area network solutions using the iSCSI standard'.

What is this 'iSCSI support' ?

I can find no reference to it in the 2900 user manuals.

I thought (and correct me if I am wrong) that the core features I would require in an Ethernet switch to operate in an L2 iSCSI environment would be :-

1 - Large backplane
2 - Jumbo packet support
3 - Gigabit support
4 - Additional features such as LACP for NIC teaming.

This 'iSCSI support' statement has really thrown me.

I thought a 2800 would be fine as no 10GbE or L3 is required.

Please can you help.

Thank you
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: iSCSI Support - What iSCSI Support ??

In my opinion it's just those wacky marketing folks at it again.

2810 should suffice just nicely.


I Philip
Occasional Advisor

Re: iSCSI Support - What iSCSI Support ??


Thank you so much for your reply.

My fears have been put to rest.

Your attached links proved an interesting read too and have certainly gone along way to fill in the missing gaps in my iSCSI knowledge.

Thanks again.
I Philip
Occasional Advisor

Re: iSCSI Support - What iSCSI Support ??

Issue resolved.