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incomplete Mibs J4812A

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incomplete Mibs J4812A

on a switch J4812A, 2512 model, I have downloaded the mib package from the HP Website, I compiled them on my NNM but when i go to the SNMP Mib Browser, it lacks all the mib under Private/HP/nm/icf/hpicfObjects/hpicfSwitch/hpSwitch.
when i do a poll, i have only a the oid

Thanks For Help
Ron Kinner
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Re: incomplete Mibs J4812A

It does appear that they have been left out. I only have the DOS MIBs (Spring 2001 which appears to be the last version they published.) but I see the hpicfswitch MIB mentioned in hpicfoid.mib but neither it or any of its components shows up in the MIB files or in the install order list.

I did find a newer UNIX version:


but it does not appear to be much different from the older DOS version.

I'd contact HP. I bet they just left them out and no one ever complained.

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Re: incomplete Mibs J4812A

Thanks for your quick answer

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Re: incomplete Mibs J4812A

Last Mib packages availables should be Sept 2002 (Dos and Unix), and could be found at :

I have experienced that this pack now contains some new traps that appear in the latest 25xx software version (5.09)