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inter vlan routing on 3500yl 24G PoE switch.

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inter vlan routing on 3500yl 24G PoE switch.

We have a 3500yl switch to install. One of the things I am not sure about is the following.

I have 2 VLANs: 1, 2. I need the guys on VLAN 2 to be able to access (share) the printer and IPBX on VLAN 1. But I need to make sure that VLAN 1 and VLAN 2 are completely isolated from each other. The vlan 2 guys have their on DHCP server as well as guys on Vlan 1 are on their on DHCP server.

My IP addresses are as follows = Vl 1 (subnet) = vl 2 (subnet)

Vlan 1 interface IP
Vlan 2 interface IP

the router's ip address =

Default route =

I can ping everything when connected to the router. I can access the internet on both vlans. my probem is, i can't get to see the printer nor the IPBX from clients on Vlan 2. Remember I want both guys from either vlan to see these two devices.

How do i go about setting thes up.

presently my set is :

ports 5-22 are untagged for vl 2
ports 23-24 (printer and IPBX ports)are untagged for Vlan 1
Port 1 (connecting to another layer 2 switch) untagged for vlan 1 and tagged for vlan 2.

Ip routing is enabled.

Just to clarify, this switch is not connected directly to the router ethernet interface.

What am i missing here? Plz help.
cenk sasmaztin
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Re: inter vlan routing on 3500yl 24G PoE switch.

please send me sh run print