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inter vlan with hp 2524 ??

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inter vlan with hp 2524 ??

i see a post on this yet but no final result so i type one again
i want to make inter vlan with 2 switchs hp 2524 it is possible ??
and with this configuration ??

port 1 = vlan 2
port 2 = vlan 3
port 26 = vlan 1 ( default and bacbone )
port 13 = connect to sw2

port 1 = vlan 2
port 2 = vlan 3
port 23 = connect to sw1

vlan1 on sw1 see vlan3 but not 2
vlan2 on sw 1 see only vlan2
vlan3 on sw1 see all but not vlan2 vlan 1 2 and 3 check port 13 for connect to sw2

vlan1 default is on port 24 connect with all but not vlan2
vlan2 is on sw2 too and connect only with vlan2 ( vlan2 is isolate on two switchs )
vlan3 can connect vlan1
vlan 1 and 3 can connect backbone on sw1 all vlan chek port 23 for connect to sw1

someone an tel me if it's possible to make inter vlan with this swiths ???
and the configuration for this example ??

big big thx in advence

Occasional Advisor

Re: inter vlan with hp 2524 ??

ok i have found alone with a lot of test so i write my solution perhaps can help someone later

in first i make vlan name and id
second attribute ip and mask
third do on table ports and check untagged or tagged or forbid or no same the strategy u want
fourth go on trunk port table and attribute a trunk to the port u want do communicate ur vlans with the other switch ( lacp )
fifth reboot and test

work fine for me


Re: inter vlan with hp 2524 ??

for inter-vlan communication between switches you must have a layer 3 capability device and then add trunk ports to your switches.
i dont think switch 2524 is a layer 3 device. and its not possible for inter vlan without layer 3 device
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Re: inter vlan with hp 2524 ??

ok thx cose i think inter vlan is the next operation for me he he ok i'll take a router
and i keep my switch ( no money for buy another with layer 3 device )

thx again
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: inter vlan with hp 2524 ??

The 2524's latest firmware release offers a new feature called Isolated Port Groups. I am having a hard time figuring out what you want it to do but read the release notes and you may find something you can use.

Be patient. Very Very Slooow download.