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ip-lockdown on 5300xl

Marcus J
Frequent Advisor

ip-lockdown on 5300xl

Is there somehow possible to do a ip-lockdown on a port on a 5300xl switch, like you can do on a 2600 switch?

I need to only allow one specific ip-adress per port!

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: ip-lockdown on 5300xl

The best I can think of is using IDM to assign port-based RADIUS assigned ACL's. It's a lot of effort to go to though if a 2600 can already do exactly what you want.

The 2600's just recently got the Dynamic IP Lockdown enhancement, hopefully the 5300xl will follow suit eventually.
Trusted Contributor

Re: ip-lockdown on 5300xl

OSI Layer2: MAC lockdown -MAC ACLs- , or disable the port (harsh solution, but worx). If you have network mngmnt soft, you can do this easily.

802.1x might help you.