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joining a stack without default_vlan

Chris Bullock_1
Frequent Advisor

joining a stack without default_vlan

I have a location that can not use the default vlan due to the fact that that it conflicts with another site. I have created VLAN 16 that the entire switch uses (all ports are untagged vlan 16) and its tagged on the uplink port. I have read that the default_vlan must be used in order for the switch to join the stack. Is there a way around this?
Chris Bullock

Re: joining a stack without default_vlan

The Default VLAN must not be used to join a stack.
The Primary VLAN (Which equals VLAN1 in default state) however, correspond to features as stacking, DHCP/BOOTP, TIMEP as well as the default gateway of the switch.

To define a primary vlan:
(config)# primary-vlan