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link-test feature

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link-test feature



I saw the link test feature on HP 2610/2910 switches. Unfortunately the test always timed out.


link-test 0002022c548c vlan 3


How is the correct usage of that command?

Does anyone know why it always time out. Do I have to consider any requirements for such test.


Regards Annex

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Re: link-test feature

Take in note that this command is to verify the correct L2 link between two switches, not other devices. You must use the Base MAC Address of the remote switch, to get it use the command "show system-info".


Also I have noticed that this command doesn't work when the destination switch is an 2650.

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Re: link-test feature

I used this command test on HP 5412 and the destination switch is 2620.

However, the result is as below:


Node3-5406zl# link-test 101f74-aa70c0 vlan 1
Link-test passed.



It really doesn't mean anything. What I am after is a command can test switch to switch connection speed.