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logging problem

Occasional Contributor

logging problem

hi all ,

i'n not apple to read logging on pcm plus 3.1 although i config my switch 2610 to send logging to pcm

procure(config)#logging server - ip address

i do the same with 8206zl nd i'm apple to read syslog msg on pcm so why i can't read syslog of 2610

Gerhard Roets
Esteemed Contributor

Re: logging problem

Hi Mr Systems

I am assuming you tested Layer2 and 3 connectivity to the pcm server.

Your 2610 should be in pcm using the address it is sending the traffic as. I would suggest what you do is start wireshark on the pcm server.Then ping the PCM server from the 2610 and see what address the traffic comes from. This should match the address you discovered the 2610 with. ( If it does nto match you might want to remove the 2610 and rediscover it with the other ip ).

If you do not have routing configured on your 2610, it would be pretty strait forward. It would be from the vlan ip which talks to your default gateway.