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managing GbE2/GbE2c in PCM 2.3?


managing GbE2/GbE2c in PCM 2.3?

I recently downloaded and installed PCM 2.3, but so far it's only detecting my 2600/2800 switches. I have a total of eight GbE2 and GbE2c switches, and need to see them in the same network maps as the rackmount switches. Everything has the same SNMP community strings, but PCM is only detecting one of the eight blade switches, and places the rest as unknown nodes. The one that it does recognize as a switch shows no links or other relationship to the rackmount switches, despite being directly connected. Manual discovery connects to the switches, but fails on the discovery step.

Is it possible to view/manage blade switches in PCM?
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Re: managing GbE2/GbE2c in PCM 2.3?

Blade switches aren't actually Procurve products, they Proliant products. This means that the Procurve Management software won't recognize and be able to manage them correctly.