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mesh with 5308xl

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mesh with 5308xl

Greetings all,

First time writing, so bear with me.

We currently purchashed 8 X 5308xl's and would like to put them up soon. I have configured 3 of them in a mesh domain, because they will be at different locations in our buildings. The rest will be hooked up with a trunk to each of our mesh switches.

I made all the configurations to have them communicate with each other and hooked up a couple of machines in a lab. All seems to be working well. My question is, if I hook them up on my network (we have 4 bay network switches)will I get a broadcast storm?

Thanks for your help and let me know if I am unclear...

Good day

Re: mesh with 5308xl

Hello Michael

For your network no Broadcaststorm has to be expected. The three switches at which meshing was switched on behave like a switch (switch meshing domain). All of you should be configured three at once (span, FW version the same, no IP-Routing). All other 5308 xl and the Bay switches should enabled be spanning tree (5308xl default ist span disabled). I hope this helps you along. Otherwise I refer to the 5308xl management and configuration guide: as of page 14-4.

much success


Dmitry G. Spitsyn
Trusted Contributor

Re: mesh with 5308xl

Hi !

The meshing is enabled on a per-port basis on ProCurve 53xx's. So the ports used to connect meshed switches should be mesh-enabled. The ports used to connect the meshed switches to non-meshed devices should be mesh-disabled. The STP should be enabled both on the meshed switches and non-meshed switches to avoid broadcast storms. The mesh domain will look like "a virtual switch" with the STP enabled for the non-meshed switches.
The main problem is to properly assign the root bridge for STP to ensure the desired behavior of this network.