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minimum temparure UTP

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Ronald Postma
Honored Contributor

minimum temparure UTP

A client of mine has want to connect some accespoint in a large warehouse, but it very cold there, 26 degrees Celsius below zero. (So I already feel petty for the poeple who have to put the cabels there)

Standard cat5 UTP can work from -20C to 80C so it is a little to cold there, does anyone know what kind of cabel I have to use UPT cat7? or STP?
Hope to here from you soon,

Regards, Ronald
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Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: minimum temparure UTP

If you can warm it up one degree during installation (maybe leave the door open?) you can use one of Beldon's DataTuff Enhanced Category 5e cables.

Operating Temperature Range: -40°C To +75°C
Storage Temperature Range: -40°C To +85°C
Installation Temperature Range: -25°C To +75°C

They have a whole list of different versions so you should probably contact them directly or search the site yourself:


Then click on The Beldon Catalog,then Industrial, then Industrial Ethernet then Data Tuff. I think every Data Tuff cable has about the same thermal range tho some of them have a note that says they get derated by length.

E-mail address: sales.info@belden-europe.com

The Netherlands (European Headquarters)
BWC - The Netherlands
Edisonstraat 9, Postbus 9
5928 PG Venlo, 5900 AA
The Netherlands
(Contact the number below to obtain the distributor nearest you.)
Phone 31-77-387-8555
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Ronald Postma
Honored Contributor

Re: minimum temparure UTP

Hi Ron,
Thats was what I needed,tnanx again for the fast and good help,

Have a nice day,
Regards, Ronald
The logic of Microsoft: "Press START to shut down the pc"