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modem suggestion for HP9000

Grant Willey

modem suggestion for HP9000

I've got an HP9000 D220 server currently using a MultiTech modem for dialup. I believe this modem is having connectivity issues and want to replace it. The phone line to it has been checked and found to be error free. Can anyone suggest an alternative that will work under HP-UX v11.0 on my D220 box? Thanks!
Ralph Bean
Occasional Visitor

Re: modem suggestion for HP9000

Hi Grant -

If you don't get an answer in this forum, I suggest you try the HP-UX forum.

Mic V.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: modem suggestion for HP9000

Sorry for the late reply and if you already got this answered under HP-UX.

Several years ago, I searched Multitech's site and found a modem that looks very similar to the ones they now (or recently) bundle with the servers. On the Multitech site, it specifically said it worked with UNIX and I think there was a "Z" in the product number.

I've been using this for 3-4 years for production payroll, first on a D370 with 11.0 and then a K570 with 11.11. I've had no problems. On the D it was a direct connection, but on the K I had to use one of those old HP 8-port MUX cards.

What kind of a name is 'Wolverine'?
Geno Church_1
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Re: modem suggestion for HP9000

If this isn't the type of modem you have this might be an alternative that you can purchase. But I would make sure the one you have is configured with the steps below, just to rule out a configuration issue and see if the connectivity issues disappear. Good Luck!

MultiTech MT5600ZDXV modem

Perform the following steps in SAM:

1. Open SAM

a. Select:

Peripheral devices --> Terminals and modems

b. Go to "actions" and select "add modems". Select
the hardware path 20/2.

c. Select the port number 0 and enter the baudrate (9600).

d. Uncheck the "use device for calling out". (In this
case, only the call-in is desired.)

e. Do not select CCITT.

2. No hardware device created (i.e no mksf or mknod used.)

3. No manual inittab modifications.

4. Dial in to check; the HPUX login may appear then hang.

5. Use the following strings to set the modem:

AT&W0 (write this to modem's NVRAM)

6. Dial in to check. The modem should operate as expected.